11 de March de 2022

Road fleet expanding

Created in 2019 with 300 vehicles, AMAGGI’s truck fleet will more than double its size, and start operating on the federal highway BR-163.

AMAGGI expands road fleet and starts operating on BR-163

Created in 2019, with 300 vehicles to move grains destined for export to the country’s ports, AMAGGI’s truck fleet is expected to expand and reach 700 vehicles in 2022. In order to overcome logistical challenges in the grain chain, the fleet is based in Vilhena (RO) since 2021 and, in 2022, it will also operate on one of the main harvest routes in Mato Grosso, the federal highway BR-163.

The delivery of trucks and start of operations have been taking place gradually since January. Now, the forecast is that by June all 400 new trucks will be on the highways.

Frota Rodoviária Vilhena Janeiro 2022
Aerial view of the new AMAGGI’s truck fleet base in Vilhena (RO).

Of the 400 new trucks, at least 150 will operate on the highway BR-163, in the stretch between Mato Grosso and the state of Pará, covering cities and regions such as Sorriso (MT), Sinop (MT) and Matupá (MT) until reaching Miritituba (PA), where grains are exported. The other vehicles will operate on the Madeira Corridor, between Mato Grosso and Rondônia, increasing AMAGGI’s presence on this route.

To support transport activities on the BR-163, the fleet has a temporary office in Matupá (MT) until the construction of the new logistics operations base in the municipality is completed. Transport activities in the region are managed by the Road Fleet base in Vilhena (RO), with a new office structure inaugurated in 2021 next to AMAGGI’s warehouse in the city. At the location, which serves as a base for drivers, around 80 employees render support to all transport activities.