Who we are

Agribusiness development

For over 4 decades, AMAGGI has been advancing in a sustainable way at each stage of the agribusiness production chain, identifying opportunities and incorporating challenges that promote not only the company's growth, but the development of the entire local and global food market.

The company's mission is to contribute to the development of agribusiness, adding value, respecting the environment and improving the lives of communities. Goals that meet the company's vision, which is to be a reference in sustainable development.

Our performance

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to be ethical, fair and consistent with what it thinks, says and does

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Demonstrate respect for all people, maintaining common sense in professional and personal relationships.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Keeping creative, participative, daring, talented and enthusiastic people in the organization, who make a difference in the competitive market.

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Respect for the Environment

To be a reference in socio-environmental management.

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Participative Management

Stimulating participation, promoting recognition and professional growth, involving people in the company's important processes.

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Respect for our partners

Cultivate good business relationships, keeping the commitment to be a company admired and respected by all.

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Focus on the essentials, encouraging agility and reducing bureaucracy.

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“Fly the Flag”. Have passion and pride in one`s work and strive for the company's success.

With a solid trajectory that is part of the history and growth of agribusiness in Brazil, AMAGGI has been guided by the constant search for excellence in all activities. The company develops synergistic and complementary businesses that integrate all stages of the agribusiness production chain. There are four areas of activity:

Business area


1.2 million tons of soy, corn and cotton produced annually on farms in Brazil.

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18 million tons of grains and fibers sold per year worldwide.

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Logistics and Operations

Management of ports, factories and warehouses, in addition to hundreds of trailers and vessels that make up the river and road fleets.

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Generation and commercialization of clean and clean energy. SHPs and solar panels connected to the National Interconnected System.

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