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AMAGGI has developed a business and sustainable production model to help producers increase food production efficiently and safely. These are products for all stages of the production chain.


Complete portfolio with the main brands of pesticides, foliar nutrition and adjuvants on the market. In addition, AMAGGI offers a technical assistance service with a highly qualified team of agronomists.


High quality formulations. AMAGGI’s fertilizer mixer in Comodoro (MT) uses imported raw materials – Israel, Spain, Russia and the USA, among other countries – and performs transformation according to the producers’ needs.

Corn seeds

Distribution of recognized brands in the market. Hybrids with high productive potential. The company works with a focus on grain quality, plant health and technologies that offer a broad spectrum of pest control.

Soy seeds

The company is a multiplier of the TMG and Monsoy brands and a distributor of the BREVANT and NIDERA brands. In addition, it buys other brands through suppliers that work with the AMAGGI quality standard, delivering high germination and vigor rates.

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Intended for the domestic consumer market, more specifically for cottonseed cake and bran factories intended for bovine feeding.

Soy Shell

High fiber content to enhance herd feeding. It is the external part of the grain, obtained by separation during the oil extraction process.

Degumed Soybean Oil

It is used for the production of biodiesel or directed to the refining industries to be commercialized for human consumption.

Soybean meal

Best cost-benefit for animal feed. The products are marketed in the European, Australian and Asian markets, in addition to serving the domestic market.

System Policy
Quality Management

Aiming to reinforce the awareness of food quality and safety, AMAGGI, through effective communication with all business areas of the organization and individuals involved in these processes, reaffirms its commitment to:

  • Meet the legal, customer, and statutory requirements related to the quality and safety of its products.
  • Identify, analyze, and continuously improve the effectiveness of processes and management systems with a focus on contamination prevention and organizational capacity improvement.'
  • Ensure the use of appropriate methodologies to prevent food quality and safety issues and propose solutions.
  • Promote the training and improvement of employees.

Quality Certifications
of Products and Processes.

IN 29

IN 29

IN 29 (Normative Instruction MAPA) establishes procedures aimed at modernizing the activities of storage and conservation of agricultural products, such as the establishment of rules for the construction, installation, and operation of storage structures.



The Kosher Certificate validates that the products manufactured comply with the specific standards governing the Orthodox Jewish diet.

FoodChain ID Não-OGM

FoodChain ID Não-OGM

The Global FoodChain ID Non-GMO Standard is recognized worldwide as the leading certification for ensuring the supply of non-GMO foods.



GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a certification that ensures the safety of feed produced for animals throughout the entire production chain, as well as in storage, transportation, trade, and monitoring activities.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 ensures that companies have a working environment that makes it possible to execute and standardize processes, as well as achieve compliance by defining quality management guidelines. It was created with the primary objective of making processes more efficient in order to satisfy customers, helping to ensure the quality of the products and services that companies offer.

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