7 de March de 2018

2018 Technological Circuit takes solutions to the fields in the states of Mato Grosso and Rondônia

AMAGGI’s Technological Circuit in Diamantino, in February

With 21 stages carried out between January and February, AMAGGI’s 2018 Technological Circuit provided, for the third consecutive year, knowledge and solutions to rural producers in the states of Mato Grosso e Rondônia.


Almost two thousand people attended the 19 field events organized in Mato Grosso and the two in Rondônia. According to the organizers, 617 farmers participated in the meetings, representing more than 1.6 million hectares of cultivation area in the two states.

Proportionally, the events reached producers representing more than 15% of the total productive area in Mato Grosso and more than 50% of the total productive area in Rondônia – having as reference the National Food Supply Company (Conab), which indicates total areas of cultivation of 9.5 million hectares in Mato Grosso and 311.7 thousand hectares in Rondônia respectively.


The meetings in the field included lectures, experience exchange, information on cultivars, management techniques,

innovations and sustainable solutions carried out by AMAGGI and partner companies such as, Basf, Syngenta, Dupont, Arysta, Monsanto, Biosoja, Nufarm, Inquima, Novozymes, UPL, Yara Vita, FNC, TMG, Monsoy, Coodetec e Nidera.


The stages of the Technological Circuit, all carried out in farms of partner producers, went through the municipalities and districts of Nova Ubiratã (MT), Lucas do Rio Verde (MT), Ariquemes (RO), Boa Esperança do Norte (MT), Ipiranga do Norte (MT), Campo Novo do Parecis (MT), Tapurah (MT), Campos de Júlio (MT), Itiquira (MT), Sinop (MT), Tangará da Serra (MT), Diamantino (MT), Sapezal (MT), Vera (MT), Brasnorte (MT), Vilhena (RO), Espigão do Leste (MT), Confresa (MT), Santa Rita do Trivelato (MT), Querência (MT) and Água Boa (MT).