2 de May de 2023

IPAM and AMAGGI sign a partnership for the conservation of native vegetation

Pedro Valente, Juliana Lopes, da AMAGGI,
e Eugênio Pantoja, do IPAM. tFoto: Sara Leal/IPAM

IPAM (Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia) and AMAGGI signed a financial compensation contract to maintain an area of ​​2,200 hectares of native vegetation within the Itamarat Farm, in Campo Novo do Parecis, Mato Grosso, within the scope of the CONSERV Project. This is their largest single area contracted so far.

CONSERV is a private, voluntary membership mechanism that compensates medium and large rural producers for conserving areas of native vegetation, beyond the legal reserve, within their property. That is, the project offers a financial alternative for those who preserve beyond the minimum required by law.

The director of Public Policies and Territorial Development at IPAM, Eugênio Pantoja, states that CONSERV brings a set of solutions, based on technical studies and criteria, capable of “subsidizing the creation of public policies or even private mechanisms to compensate for the maintenance of native vegetation”.


For AMAGGI’s Agro Production Director, Pedro Valente, CONSERV has the potential to engage more members of the agricultural sector so they understand the importance of conservation. “Probably other farmers in our sector will be able to benefit, and that is what we want”.

The ESG, Communications and Compliance Director at AMAGGI, Juliana Lopes, says that the initiative is an important recognition for the producer who decided to preserve more than the legislation requires. “Bringing this perspective that production and conservation go hand in hand is fundamental”, he emphasizes.

According to the coordinator of IPAM in Mato Grosso, Richard Smith, in addition to the rural producer “ensuring pollination, water production, soil quality and a stable climate for his production, he also receives a financial benefit with these areas of native vegetation “, he reinforces.

Área contratada para manutenção da vegetação. Foto: Sara Leal/IPAM


The CONSERV project recognizes the rural producer’s role in maintaining native vegetation and proposes a new model in which conservation is allied to development. Launched in 2020 and developed by IPAM – in partnership with the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) and the Woodwell Climate Research Center -, at this stage, CONSERV operates in municipalities in the states of Mato Grosso and Pará, in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes.

According to IPAM researcher Laís Sousa, all areas contracted by CONSERV go through a due diligence process. “In addition to analyzing the territory, the risk of deforestation in the area and the environmental characteristics, we analyze whether the property complies with environmental, land, labor, fiscal and criminal legislation”, he explains.

Contrato foi assinado na Fazenda Itamarati, em MT. Foto: Sara Leal/IPAM

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IPAM – Sara Pereira
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