14 de April de 2023

Forest 500 – AMAGGI leads the world ranking for actions against deforestation for the second consecutive year

For the second consecutive year, AMAGGI ranked first in the Forest 500 world ranking in terms of measures taken against deforestation. The initiative recognizes AMAGGI’s commitment and policies implementation to combat deforestation and risks relating to human rights.

The survey was released on  15 February 2023 by the Global Canopy organization, a non-profit institution that provides innovative open access data, clear metrics and insights for leading companies, financial institutions, governments and organizations around the world.

For nine years, the ranking has annually identified and evaluated 500 organizations, including 350 companies and 150 of the most influential financial institutions around the world, which includes companies such as Nestle, Pepsico, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, among other multinationals in the Agribusiness sector.

“It is now universally accepted that ending deforestation and converting natural ecosystems is the only way to achieve our climate and nature targets. There is no net zero [i.e., zero greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere] without ending deforestation and conversion as soon as possible”, according to an excerpt in the final report.

The assessments were based on information made publicly available by the companies, between May and November 2022. The objective, according to Global Canopy, is to encourage transparency of companies that operate in supply chains of commodities with forest risk in the world.

“The grade we achieved reflects the responsibility we assume in promoting the fight against deforestation throughout our chain and, thus, supplying more sustainable commodities. We follow our goal to maintain zero deforestation and vegetation conversion, and guarantee the sustainable origin of our products”.

“This recognition is also a reflection of the transparency of our policies and actions, since the indices are based on the information that we make publicly available”, highlighted Juliana Lopes, ESG, Communications and Compliance Director at AMAGGI.

The Forest 500 divides the assessment into four categories: general approach; content of commitments; associated human rights (formerly called ‘social considerations’); and reporting and implementation.

In the current ranking, three new indicators were added to the methodology, two of them on the company’s commitments – such as zero tolerance in relation to violence and threats against forest and human rights defenders and monitoring of supply chains and facilities in relation to this subject.

One of the points addressed in the report is the importance of monitoring the supplier actions and activities of the companies that make up the ranking. In the current survey, it was revealed that only 50 companies in the Forest 500, including AMAGGI, monitor their supply chain.

Check out the complete Forest 500 report: