14 de April de 2023

FOUR-TIME CHAMPION – AMAGGI is recognized by CDP Forest for its efforts to protect forests and combat climate change

AMAGGI’s commitment to sustainability was once again recognized on the respected list of the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP), a non-profit program that recognizes initiatives to reduce emissions, mitigate climate change, manage environmental risks and best practices associated with environmental leadership in the world.

CDP evaluated AMAGGI with a leadership category grade of A- for the result achieved in the forest program, based on the company’s reports in 2021.

AMAGGI occupies the position of the only Brazilian soy company to obtain a leadership score for four consecutive years, having already been evaluated with the maximum score by the CDP.

The announcement of the winners took place last Monday (12), in a ceremony held in São Paulo (SP), to a restricted audience and on Tuesday (13) globally. The seal guarantees AMAGGI’s place among references of transparency and environmental action in the world, mainly in the fight against deforestation in the soy sector.

Approximately 15,000 companies were assessed worldwide by CDP through their responses to questionnaires on the themes of forests, climate change and water security.

The CDP questionnaire assesses, in grades from “A” to “D-”, items such as disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks, best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as the establishment of ambitious and significant goals.

“This grade rewards AMAGGI’s commitment to maintaining good environmental practices, understanding and respecting the main norms and guidelines. Continuing in a prominent position again reinforces our commitment to continue at this level of excellence”, says Juliana Lopes, ESG, Communications and Compliance Director at AMAGGI.

Environmental risk management and the adoption of best practices associated with environmental leadership are part of AMAGGI’s sustainability agenda. Among the company’s ESG goals are eliminating deforestation and converting native vegetation. Another goal is to achieve low-carbon agriculture.

AMAGGI is also part of Race to Zero, a movement led by the United Nations (UN), and hopes to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Founded in 1977, AMAGGI is the largest Brazilian grain and fiber company. Present in several stages of the agribusiness chain, the company operates in the agricultural production of grains, fibers and seeds, origination, processing and commercialization of grains and inputs. In addition to river and road transport of grains, port operations, generation and commercialization of renewable electricity.

Headquartered in Cuiabá (MT), AMAGGI is present in all regions of Brazil, with farms, warehouses, offices, factories, river and road fleet, port terminals and hydroelectric power stations. There are 74 units located in 42 municipalities in 9 states. Abroad, the company has units and offices in Argentina, China, Holland, Norway, Paraguay and Switzerland.

AMAGGI annually produces circa 1.2 million tons of grains and fibers, including soy, corn and cotton. The Company has a commercial relationship base of approximately six thousand rural producers and, in 2021, sold approximately 18.2 million tons of grains and fibers worldwide.