The chairman of Amaggi’s Board of Directors, Mr. Pedro Jacyr Bongiolo, will step down from the position in June of this year after 12 years at the helm. The chair will be filled by Mr. Sergio Luiz Pizzatto, who has been with the company for 29 years and has held a variety of executive positions throughout his highly regarded and successful professional career.

Pedro Jacyr was one of the first employees of AMAGGI. On November 6th, 2022, he completed 44 years of uninterrupted dedication to the company, where he started off as an office assistant.

After rising through the ranks, he took over as chief executive in 2002, where he remained for nine years before accepting the invitation to chair the Board of Directors.

According to Mr. Jacyr, this decision has been reached through a mutual understanding between himself, Blairo Maggi and other shareholders and members of the Maggi family and the Board itself. “I aim to dedicate myself to private projects, in addition to having more time for myself and my family,” explained the 62-year-old businessman.

“Our work will always be focused on maintaining robust and transparent corporate governance, looking to the future and the company’s continuance, including, more recently, the participation of the third generation of shareholders. We have been very successful in all transition processes carried out by the company, both on the board, the CEO and executives, ensuring adequate time for the internal organizational process and communication to our stakeholders”, he added.

According to Mr. Blairo Maggi, a shareholder in the company, the transition of the chairmanship will follow the company’s strategic path, and is in accordance with all the good governance practices adopted by AMAGGI over the years.

Success Story

The story of Mr. Pedro Jacyr is intertwined with the story of AMAGGI itself, since the company was set up just one year before he joined the staff. He was, in fact, interviewed by, hired by, and worked alongside Mr. André Maggi himself, one of the company’s founders, along with his wife Lucia and son Blairo Maggi.

When he took over as chief executive the company had around 2,000 employees. Today, that number is close to 10,000 people, both throughout Brazil and overseas. Jacyr witnessed all of AMAGGI’s defining moments, such as the first billion in revenues, the opening of the first international office, the establishment of bold governance processes, the positioning of the company as a reference in ESG, among many others.

Mr. Bongiolo points out that one of his greatest achievements was being part of AMAGGI’s transformation, from a small cereal producer in the interior of Paraná to one of the largest agricultural commodity companies in the world, operating throughout the grain and fibre chains, including production, processing, sales, logistics and electricity generation.

“These merits belong to all of us AMAGGI employees. This is a feature that also sets us apart, which is the way we do business with great respect for people and our partners. This is what ensures our continuance”, said Mr. Bongiolo.

About Pedro Jacyr Bongiolo

Pedro Jacyr Bongiolo was born in São Miguel do Iguaçu, Paraná, on June 29th, 1960.

He joined the Sementes Maggi company (which would later become AMAGGI) in 1978, working as an office assistant. At that time the company was still located in the city of São Miguel do Iguaçu (PR).

In 1981 Pedro Jacyr took on the role of administrative and financial manager. Later, in 1985, he moved into the position of commercial manager for the company, a position he held until 1988. The following year, he would become the commercial and financial director.

Between 1996 and 2001, he held the position of AMAGGI’s superintendent director. In 2002 he started as chief executive. He held this position until 2011 when he became chairman of the Board of Directors, a position he will remain in until June 2023.


Founded in 1977, AMAGGI is the largest Brazilian grain and fibre company. With a presence in several stages of the agribusiness chain, the company operates in the agricultural production of grains, fibres and seeds, sourcing, processing and trading of grains and inputs. In addition, it operates grain transport by river and road, ports, and electricity generation and trading.

With is headquarters in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, AMAGGI is present in all regions of Brazil, with farms, warehouses, offices, factories, river and road fleets, port terminals and hydroelectric power stations. There are 74 units located in 42 municipalities in nine states. Abroad, the company has units and offices in Argentina, China, Holland, Norway, Paraguay and Switzerland.

AMAGGI annually produces about 1.2 million tons of grains and fibres, including soy, corn and cotton. The Company has a commercial relationship base of approximately six thousand producers and, in 2022, sold approximately 18.6 million tons of grains and fibres worldwide.