20 de February de 2024

Executives from Scania Global visit the factory and learn about the quality of biodiesel produced by AMAGGI

AMAGGI welcomed this Wednesday (7), at two of its properties, executives from Scania global and Brazil, as well as representatives from the Rota Oeste dealer. The delegation was at the biodiesel factory, in Lucas do Rio Verde, and at Fazenda Tanguro, in Querência, and was accompanied by AMAGGI directors and shareholders.

The agenda follows AMAGGI’s acquisition of 350 trucks from the manufacturer Scania, 100 of which are fully adapted to run on 100% biodiesel, the so-called B100. The vehicles that will make up the AMAGGI fleet already have engines that comply with the new rules to reduce pollutant emissions.

The CEO of Scania global, Christian Levin, praised the factory’s production standard, reaffirmed the importance of thinking about renewable fuels and highlighted the fact that AMAGGI produces the same biodiesel it uses in trucks

“I truly believe we saw [during the factory visit] part of the future. At Scania, we are tirelessly driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system. What we saw here, at AMAGGI, in Mato Grosso, is amazing. Biodiesel made from impeccable quality soybeans, 100% circular,” said Levin.

The Scania trucks that will run on biodiesel are the 500 R 6×4 Super model. Purchasing the vehicles, which should be delivered in May, is part of the actions to decarbonize AMAGGI’s operations. The company will then have one of the largest road fleets of agricultural trucks fueled with B100.

“This is a very important project, as it is renewable fuel. Both Scania and Amaggi have the same values, the same goals: they are two companies that wish to decarbonize their operations. And half of our fleet is from Scania. We are very happy with the company’s visit”, stated Judiney Carvalho, executive president of AMAGGI.

During the visit to the Lucas do Rio Verde unit, Scania and Rota Oeste executives heard explanations from local managers about the biodiesel production process and the work carried out by the factory’s laboratory, in addition to checking the factory’s facilities on site.

“With them, we reinforce the quality and reliability standards of what we produce. AMAGGI has an important partnership with Scania; they came to learn how this operation works. It is very important for us to understand what they think of the factory and what we expect from their product. It was a very positive visit”, said Blairo Maggi, AMAGGI shareholder.

The raw material for biodiesel production comes from the grain crushing industry, also owned by AMAGGI, which meets the company’s strict quality standards, further attesting to the effectiveness of the product delivered.

After visiting the biodiesel factory, the group went to Tanguro Farm, in order to monitor the harvest of the 2023/2024 soybean crop.

Biodiesel production

Located in Lucas do Rio Verde, the AMAGGI factory came into operation in 2023 and has an estimated capacity to produce 368 thousand m3 of biodiesel per year. Its plant has over 26 thousand m2.

Biodiesel is a fuel produced from renewable sources, and it is both biodegradable and sustainable. Its use is associated with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the use of fossil fuels, such as diesel and gasoline.