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AMAGGI teams up with reNature to create the Amaggi Regenera program

AMAGGI believes that in order to achieve its climate ambition, the race for increasingly transformative agriculture is a fundamental step. In partnership with reNature, we defined 3 central pillars for the regenerative transition: Soil, Biodiversity and People, with economic resilience as a transversal pillar.

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Amaggi Regenera is presented at the Better Cotton Conference in Amsterdam

To invest in agriculture that connects the practices of agricultural systems with nature, ensuring the longevity of the ecosystem and making the environment increasingly sustainable, resilient and healthy. With this purpose, AMAGGI launched the Amaggi Regenera program , during the Better Cotton Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Brazil's Amaggi to push regenerative agriculture at large-scale suppliers

Reuters: Brazilian farm behemoth Amaggi, which trades almost 19 million metric tons of grains and fibers globally, is launching a new phase of its regenerative agriculture program as part of its commitment to help slow climate change.

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