Global Positioning of Sustainability

In its growth process, AMAGGI was able to integrate every stage of its production chain, identifying opportunities and incorporating challenges. Thus, over more than four decades of existence, it has increased its operations until reaching the current size.

International operations began in 2008, and AMAGGI became a multinational with its Brazilian headquarters. Continually expanding its international operations, in just six years the company was already operating in Argentina, Paraguay, Holland, Switzerland, Norway and China.

AMAGGI has been working towards its consolidation on a global scale, based on a careful expansion plan, which seeks to guarantee all the operations of the company - national and international - the premise of action aligned with sustainable development. It is in this context that the company decided to formalize and publish its Global Sustainability Positioning, in order to unify its socio-environmental performance and deepen the synergy of its operations around the world.

In addition to unifying its socio-environmental performance, AMAGGI Global Positioning of Sustainability intends to highlight the commitments relevant to its continuity, to integrate sustainability into the company's expansion strategy and to allow an organic unfolding of its global positioning for its national, regional and local actions.

One of the acknowledgments necessary for a truly sustainable performance is that it is not possible for a sole company to achieve performance compatible with that goal. Only working in partnership with civil society, ONGs, suppliers, clients and government, among others, it is able to scale the results.

It is with these horizons that AMAGGI Global Sustainability Positioning is structured around the following principles:

Have economic viability, add value to shareholders and employees, and share value with society, contributing to local development;

Be socially and environmentally responsible, and promote the continuous improvement of socio-environmental management in its operations and in the value chain;

Ensure good governance and transparency of its operations, through legal compliance and risk management;

Promote respect for human rights and decent work in its operations and in the value chain;

Promote personal and professional growth of employees, valuing diversity and seeking continuous improvement of working conditions, health and safety;

Contribute to the promotion of food and nutritional security.

The commitments made in AMAGGI Global Positioning of Sustainability were contemplated in the company's decisions, which in 2017 intend to engage partners and disseminate it to their value chain.

Sustainability Plan with Vision until 2025

In order to integrate the strategies of the business areas for the coming years and the Global Positioning of Sustainability, AMAGGI created a Sustainability Plan with Vision until 2025. The plan was divided into strategic blocks, with actions in each theme, and which cover the company's four business areas, as well as André and Lucia Maggi Foundation.

In 2016 AMAGGI undertook the internal consolidation of the Global Positioning of Sustainability scope, with the special care of evaluating its capacity to assume and fulfill the commitments. The process went through continuous improvement with the Top Management, seeking an even greater integration with business strategies and having transparency as a principle. Through its Vision Sustainability Plan until 2025, AMAGGI intends not only to position itself, but also to engage its partners and the entire industry.

In the same year the company began a process of reviewing and prioritizing both AMAGGI and André and Lucia Maggi Foundation social and environmental actions, based on 2025 Vision. The consolidation of this process is scheduled for 2017, and it will be possible to follow the goals established in the short, medium and long term.

The detailing of AMAGGI Global Sustainability Positioning and Sustainability Plan for 2025 will be launched in 2017 on an online platform and its access will be available to all AMAGGI stakeholders.