Message from the President

In 2017 AMAGGI completes 40 years. We will celebrate these four decades of work with the certainty that the search for constant improvement is a key point of our evolution. Therefore, it is with satisfaction that we share here the actions carried out in 2016, continuing our mission of contributing to the development of agribusiness, respecting the environment and improving people´s lives and the communities where we are present.

Last year presented a challenging scenario. Besides the crisis crossed by the country, the sector was affected by climatic conditions, which impacted the origination of grains. But our management efforts and quest for efficiency in all areas allowed us to close 2016 with a global turnover of US$3.44 billion, in Brazil and abroad (Argentina and Paraguay). We also inaugurated the fertilizer mixer in Comodoro, started the implementation of the AMAGGI Responsible Origination Platform - ORIGINAR, expanded our operations in the North Corridor for grain disposal - through the acquisition of 50% of the Transshipment Station in Miritituba and the Terminal Port in Barcarena -, and we expanded the partnerships already started with other large agribusiness companies.

For 2017 we are projecting growth in soybean and corn volumes, although the entry of new participants into the origination market may impact the negotiation margins with the producer. Our efforts to achieve a more efficient production have allowed us to grow approximately 10% in productivity in the planted areas, without expanding the surface used.

AMAGGI works in specific and demanding markets, so we take great care to act in a transparent and constantly improving way. We are concerned about the entire grain chain and we have a structure that encourages the development of local producers and suppliers, which is also reflected in several certifications that meet social and environmental criteria and quality. Believing in this tool, AMAGGI has launched its own certification standard, the AMAGGI Responsible Soy Standard (A.R.S.), which promotes a socio-environmental management culture among grain suppliers.

AMAGGI work has always in mind the continuity of the business, closely linked to sustainability, which permeates our entire process of management, operations and value chain. Based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, we also invest in actions and partnerships with various sectors, such as civil society, nongovernmental organizations (ONGs), suppliers, clients and government, to carry out our business in an increasingly sustainable way.

With 40 years of age, we are proud to embrace the challenge of being an even more global company and a reference in sustainable development. We know that the answers to our challenges will increasingly be in sustainability, in recognizing the complexity of the production chain and in supporting sustainable agriculture.

Enjoy your reading!

Waldemir Ival Loto
AMAGGI Executive President