Business Areas G4-4, G4-8


Acting in the purchase, sale and processing of grains (soybean and corn); in the import and sale of agricultural inputs; and in the production of fertilizer (mixer).


It works in the soybean, corn and cotton agricultural production; in the soybean seeds production; and in the cotton processing. The activities are carried out in six production units, all located in Mato Grosso.

AMAGGI Logistics

AMAGGI Logistics operations are mainly focused on navigation operations, covering the transportation of grain originated and also of own production, as well as port operations and river navigation in the Northwest Corridor of Exportation, through which the grains of the northwest regions of Mato Grosso and south of Rondônia are outflowed.


It operates in the generation of electric energy, through small hydroelectric stations in Mato Grosso, integrated to the National Interconnected System.