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Since it was founded in 1977, AMAGGI has expanded its operations to all regions of Brazil and has crossed national boundaries, being present today in Argentina, Paraguay, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and China. Comprising four major business areas – Commodities, Agro, Logistic1 and Energy – it operates in an integrated and synergistic way throughout the agribusiness chain, from the origination and commercialization of grains and inputs to port operations, from river transport to agricultural production and also by the generation and sale of electric energy.

For social issues AMAGGI has a Private Social Investment Policy that establishes the way it carries out its investments in the localities where it operates. From its provisions the company makes the spontaneous transfer of financial resources so that the André and Lucia Maggi Foundation can manage its projects, guided by the vision of "transforming people and communities for sustainable development".

With four decades of history, AMAGGI celebrates not only for being among the main exporters in Brazil, but also for having achieved this position with responsibility, respect for its partners and for the communities where it is present, assuming its role in the development of society.

  1. The Logistics and Operations Directory was created in 2016, with the objective of integrating the logistics modalities of the company. From 2017 on the Navigation business area became part of the Logistics Directory, which also includes road, rail and other related activities. Learn more on the chapter Logistics for grain disposal.

International Presence G4-6

AMAGGI International Presence (PDF)

Mission, Vision and Values G4-56

Contribute to the development of agribusiness, adding values, respecting the environment and improving the life of communities.

To be a reference company in sustainable development.


Be ethical, fair and consistent with what you think, talk and do.

Respect to the environment

Be a reference in socio-environmental management.


Concentrate on the essential, encouraging agility and reducing bureaucracy.


Demonstrate respect for all people while maintaining common sense in professional and personal relationships.


Participative management

Encourage participation, promoting recognition and professional growth, and engage people in key business processes.


“Wear the company shirt”. Have passion and pride for the work and strive for the success of the company.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Maintain the creative, participative, bold, talented and enthusiastic people in the organization; those who really make the difference in the competitive market.

Respect for partners

Cultivate good commercial relations, keeping the commitment to be a company admired and respected by all.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

In order to clearly define its moral and ethical principles, AMAGGI has a Code of Ethics and Conduct, which must be adopted by all employees. It guides the activities to be followed in the conduct of business, daily activities and responsibilities and in the relationship with stakeholders.

AMAGGI Code of Ethics and Conduct is formally presented to the new employees on their first day of work, during the integration process. It is also permanently available on Intranet and on the company's website ( and is accessible to all interested parties.

The Ethics and Conduct Committee, made up of company managers, is responsible for preparing and managing the document. In order to promote updates and improvements in the Code of Ethics, it underwent a review process in 2016, and its new version will be released in 2017.