Global Sustainability Positioning

We believe that the quest for sustainable development is one of the most important points for the sustainability of our business, and therefore, sustainability must permeate the management process in its entirety, its operations and its value chain.

We recognize that it is not possible to achieve a performance that is compatible with the sustainable development objective alone. Only working in partnership with the society, non-governmental organizations, suppliers, clients, the government, among others, results can be achieved.

We want to grow and we know that to make it happen we need to think about the result of the present without compromising or failing to envision the future, we must always seek to improve, find new solutions, be more agile, respond to the constant challenges that the market presents, while remaining the same company, AMAGGI.

Our positioning is based on the idea that our performance follows the next principles:

  • To have economic viability, aggregate value to shareholders and employees and share value with society, contributing to local development.
  • Be socio-environmentally responsible and promote continuous improvement of socio-environmental management in its operations and value chain.
  • Ensure the good governance and transparency of its operations, through legal compliance and risk management.
  • Promote respect for human rights and decent work in its operations and value chain.
  • Promote personal and professional growth of its employees, valuing diversity, and seeking the continuous improvement of working conditions, health and safety.
  • Contribute to food and nutritional security promotion.