Our Commitment:
In this commitment AMAGGI reaffirm its desire to reach a grain supply chain which is free from deforestation and declares that this position refers to deforestation and conversion of native vegetation to all biomes where AMAGGI operates, primarily, the Brazilian Amazon and the Cerrado biomes; and will work together with its suppliers, customers, civil society and governments to achieve this result in the shortest time possible.

We believe that the quest for sustainable development is one of the most important for our business and, therefore, sustainability must permeate our entire management process, operations and value chain. Sustainable development is one of society’s greatest challenges, and one of its greatest responsibilities to future generations.

The answer to this challenge lies in sustainable agriculture, which recognizes the complex structure of the food production chain, taking into consideration that it is possible to be more productive and add value, while preserving natural resources and respecting the environment, and contributing to the development of local communities and society. It is not possible to achieve the total elimination of deforestation alone, this is why we believe that this goal will only be achieved when all productive sectors, all governmental spheres, civil society organizations, all enterprises of some link in agriculture, livestock and forest chains, financial institutions, and consumers work together for the same purpose.

There will be a need to intensify joint activities, programs and initiatives that create a structural framework, including jurisdictional approaches, to support farmers and agriculture in finding a way to reconcile production with forest conservation without undermining local development, quality life and well-being of the communities involved.

Believing in the importance of our role in eliminating deforestation, and rendering greater clarity to our commitment “Towards zero deforestation”, which integrates our Global Sustainability Positioning, launched in 2017, AMAGGI re-launched in 2019 its commitment “Towards a deforestation and conversion free grain chain”, bearing publicity to the latest version of its commitment, in an attempt to meet even the most recent transparency recommendations identified in important sustainability publications.

Thus, the new commitment published in 2019 aims to clarify the scope of our commitment, challenges and means for AMAGGI to achieve an increasingly sustainable agriculture, with business continuity, contributing to the local development of the regions where the company operates, in a balanced manner, ensuring the expansion of agribusiness and conservation of the environment.



This report aims to demonstrate AMAGGI’s efforts and progress in its last harvest (2017/2018) in the search for a deforestation free chain, as a result of the company’s joint action with its partners – suppliers, clients, NGOs, civil society, governments , rural producers and communities; as well as discuss the main future challenges to ensure lasting results.